What Really Happened; True American Stories
As just one example, a statue in the town square of Centralia, Washington, is dedicated to the brave veterans of WWI who were slain as they marched in the Veterans Day Parade in 1918 to celebrate the American victory over Germany in the Great War.

What really happened?  While some details are in dispute, it is  clear that some marching soldiers broke off from the parade and attacked the I.W.W. (Industrial Workers of the World) union hall.  The union members fired their guns in self defense and within minutes five marchers were dead. Several union members were  arrested and that evening. Wesley Everest, a union organizer, was dragged from his cell and lynched by vigilantes.  We have a history to be proud of, but throughout this country there are monuments, statues and plaques that commemorate the  wrong victims or make heroes of the wrong people. If you know of an incident in history in your town that cries out for  the truth to be heard, send me the details and help to set  the record straight. If I am able to include it in the book, What Really Happened; True American Stories, upon publication I will   send you an autographed copy.


Theatrical Production
Agreement has been reached for EBZT productions to produce a  theatrical production of LISG. Starting in October, 2008, the play is  scheduled for some fixed venues, but also will be on tour at selected high schools.  If you are interested in information for the location of the play or to  have it produced at your school, check with EBZB Productions. Contact them  at


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